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You may already know people on Myspace. Nov 28, Messages: Your email? Is there anything especially interesting in the batch? I think not. Never mind that someone in this thread thinks a jail sentence is worthy and then claims that this girl is the problem with society! Where is the link to myspace?

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Who defines what level of 'protection' is appropriate or necessary? Therefore, it uses the same criteria. This does bring up the interesting question though, of how one deals with kidporn that's being posted by the kids in the pictures. More Login. Most other dogs attempt to fetch no matter what you throw: The only unique aspect of this case that is truly relevant to our current era is the use of Myspace. The second is that considering the number of charges levelled against people in the modern day, a huge proportion of them don't end up as far as the prosecutorial stage, which may well end up being the case here.

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She was released to her mother's custody.

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Those multiple. Oh crap Look again Score: Then again, these children could be out in public meeting pedophiles, or worse, being abused. It isn't even conceivably similar to rape, because the "victim" is making all the decisions on her own - if that's analogous to rape, then so is underage masturbation, and every teenager in the world is a sex offender. World priorities are severely, severely askewed.

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I sigh in despair at this totalitarian post-modern shit of a society the world currently resides in. And from TFA: Yeah anyone who reads fark on a regular basis knows that kids who make home movies often get charged as adults for laws meant to protect the childish innocence. Looking for technical details We contemplate at last shining windows, a future forbidden to no one. The site is also directed to teens and pre-teens.

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