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Close Working Slowly, she pushed two of digits straight in. Haruno, please, take a seat…" Sakura took a seat in front of Ino's desk, draping her leg over the other, wriggling as she adjusted her short skirt. Her sex was burning with anticipation of what was to come. Pre note: Ino felt her blood boil again at the other's voice, biting harder on her pen.

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Her tongue resumed work of exploring the foreign place. Ino let out a low chuckle. As soon as Miss. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Terms of Service. Updated Crossovers: Please leave a comment so I know at least some people want to read more.

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Ino pouted, moving her gaze down to Sakura's thighs.

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Sakura on top assumed the role of the more dominant role and felt her way around the beautiful landscape of Ino's body. Lana Rain cosplaying as hyuuga Hinata from Naru. Ino pouted, moving her gaze down to Sakura's thighs. Related Posts. Haruno," She smirked, letting her eyes gaze freely at Sakura's still damp panties between her legs as she sat across her higher up. Just In All Stories:

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did sakura and ino have sex
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did sakura and ino have sex
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Sakura and ino and hinata lesbian porn

Legs interlaced so that their genitals touched and their breasts were squished together. Meet a man for sex. She searched for the rough jewel that would be hidden between her blushing petals, and upon finding the magic button, she pressed it. Sakura couldn't help but stare at Ino's curvaceous figure; her exposed cleavage, her full breasts snug under her tight blouse and her curved hips visible in her fitting pencil skirt. Ino moved her papers and pen-pots to the side, giving Sakura enough room on the desk. She also gave more pleasure too.

did sakura and ino have sex
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