Dating someone with the same astrological sign

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These things bode well for your future as a couple, and sometimes seeing traits in your partner that you recognize in yourself can feel familiar and safe. And once they do, "two Taurus individuals can do quite well together. Taurus also does well with another Taurus, providing that they share similar beliefs. Some of the similarities in same-sign relationships can be frustrating for both partners. And, if you're not satisfied with that answer, you may need to go beyond your sun sign and check out your full natal chart. However, the emotional realm is not your forte -- so you both may shy away from declaring your feelings and taking things into deeper waters.

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And yes, even though you are individuals, some of your best and worst qualities will be reflected in your partner. As such, they would share the same interests, tastes, career choices, major life changes, etc. For the record, each "distance" — whether you're four, five, or six signs apart — can have its perks. You might not think this would be a great romantic match, since both of you are hard-headed realists. You make great parents, though.

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Do During a Full Moon.

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Dating Someone With The Same Zodiac Sign Can Be Complicated, So Here's What You Need To Know

These two Earth signs represent stability when joined. You might be too similar that you just clash, like stripes and polka dots. Geminis have a reputation for being heartbreakers, but that's not totally true. As MacGuire says, "Libras are extremely good at keeping score in relationships, knowing who's sacrificing what for the other. Due to their desire to keep all things fair and balancedtwo Libras can make a great pairing, and really get along well in a relationship.

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dating someone with the same astrological sign
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dating someone with the same astrological sign
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What It Means If You & Your S.O. Have The Same Birthday

Skip navigation! Trust is the crucial ingredient that makes this match work. A pair of Cancers can be compatible only if they each finally learn to appreciate having a sensitive partner. Unfortunately, wearing these rose-colored glasses only means that important things are ignored. That said, this pair is amazing at communication, so no matter what the other is going through, Gemini is able to get to the bottom of anything just by talking it out.

dating someone with the same astrological sign
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